Totem Sign Systems

Infocurve Monolith and Totem Sign System

A modular sign system which can be used to produce a broad range of sign solutions for internal or external use. Subtle curved faced signage most often used to create monoliths and totem signs, but other configurations include wall mounted directory signs, projecting signs, suspended signs, free standing directories and post and panel type signage.

Used to create individual entrance signs or a complete wayfinding scheme, Infocurve is ideally suited to prestigious venues and can deliver a statement of excellence within a location. Signs are fully made to order, and usually based on 600, 750, 900, 1200, 1500 or 2000mm widths.

A statement of excellence
User friendly, interchangeable panels option
Create a full wayfinding scheme
Any height up to 4m above ground
20-160mm panels for creating curved directories
Easy to install (no ground cage required)
Double-sided as standard when post mounted
Any width from 600mm - 2000mm
Available in kit form or fully assembled


Infocurve-Lite is an elegant curved-faced mini-monolith sign system for internal or external use.

Seamless design, free from visible fixings or joints, Infocurve-Lite is a one-piece extrusion available in 100mm, 190mm, 300mm and 400mm widths, to create a range of sign solutions and especially appealing in more prestigious venues and locations.

Most often used to create mini totem signs, single or double-sided graphics may be used. Other solutions include one-piece projecting signs and suspended signs.

Elegant, curved-face signage
Seamless no joint design for premium look
Easy and quick to install
Double-sided as standard
Create a full wayfinding scheme
120, 190, 300 and 400mm widths
Any height up to 3m above ground
Projecting, suspended or monolith format
Double-sided as standard
Various illumination methods available
Totem Sign
Totem Sign